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Blogging Challenge

Welcome to the Documentation4Learning Blogging Challenge!


The Documentation Blogging Challenge was created  as a challenge to you We encourage you to participate as part of becoming a connected educator & administrator as well as reflective, 21st century learner.


Why does documentation support learning?

Why blogs as a vehicle for documentation? 


The challenges are strategically designed to help you get acquainted with the basics and logistics of blogging (creating pages and posts, process of writing and publishing text, images, audio and video, linking, reflecting and experimenting with different topics and styles of blogging) as well as include documentation specific challenges to help you gain a variety of documentation skills and support you moving outside of your comfort zone.

The challenge rules are flexible. There are 18 days of challenges. Feel free to do one challenge a day or one challenge a week in order to complete the entire challenge. There is a strategic sequence to the challenges, but feel free to skip around. You could complete Challenge 16 before you do Challenge 4.

Please leave your Blog address (URL) in the comment section below to let us know you are participating in the challenge.

Challenge 1- Write an “About Me” Page

Challenge 2- Notecard Confession Video

Challenge 3- Capture Learning

Challenge 4- Interview

Challenge 5- The 1-Day- Blue Challenge

Challenge 6- Screencasting

Challenge 7- Learning Goals?

Challenge 8- Quote

Challenge 9- Your “Life as a Reader”

Challenge 10- Sketchnote- Out of Your Comfort Zone

Challenge 11- Video Scavenger Hunt

Challenge 12- Book Review

Challenge 13-30 Second Video #eduin30

Challenge 14- A Day in your Life

Challenge 15- Learn- Reflect-Share

Challenge 16- Share 5 Favorite Blogs you Read

Challenge 17- Amplify your Reflection

Challenge 18- 5 Potential Future Blog Posts


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