Keywords & Prompts

Four Dimensions of Reflective Learning by Karen Barnstable . Also look at 40 Reflection question to help you look back, forward, inward and outward by Edutopia.

  • I. Thinking Back
  • II. Thinking Forward
  • III. Thinking Inward
  • IV. Thinking Outward


What? So What?

  • What?
    • Describe the experience; outline what happened that compelled you to think about and change your behavior (i.e. learn).
  • So What?
    • Describe what difference it makes; outline what impact or meaning it has for you (or why it should matter to others).
  • Now What?
    • Describe what’s in store for the future now that you’ve learned from this experience; outline what you are going to will do to continue learning.


Higher Level Question Stems from Bloom’s Taxonomy by Professor Julie Hall

Can you create new and unusual uses for____?
Can you design a____to____?
Do you agree with____?
How would you decide about____?
Classify____according to____.
What solutions would you suggest for____?

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