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Challenge 8- Quote

There are many people who inspire us as educators to continue learning, growing and be the best we can be for our students. Sharing a quote from someone that has made a difference in your educational world, can spark further inspiration, motivation and action in others. If the quote resonates deeply within us, we might not feel so isolated as educators. We know that others have similar struggles, thoughts or convictions.

Challenge 8 is about sharing one of your favorite educational quotes.

You are to create a “Word Swag”, using and image an add the words of the quote with the name of the author to it. The quote can be a citation from a book, a quote from a conversation you had with someone in person or a proverb that resonates with you.

Upload the image to your blog and share the link to the post in the comment section below.

Optional: You can also upload the image to Twitter or Instagram and use the #documenting4learning hashtag

There are many ways to create these images. You could use:

Presentation Software

(ex. PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Presentation)

  • create a slide
  • change the background color or add an image
  • add a text box and enter your quote
  • add another text box to acknowledge the author of the quote or origin of the proverb
  • export slide as image

Apps on Smartphone or Tablets

(ex. Word Swag, PicCollage, Typorama, Path On, Phoster, Word Dream)

  • open app
  • choose a background or
  • import your own image
  • add text
  • choose text style (fonts/colors/size)
  • export image to camera roll


Other Examples




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