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Don’t Just Display: Make Documenting OF/FOR/AS Learning Visible

Donna Miller Fry in a post Where is the Beef? speaks directly to my own thinking when she asks: When we talk about “Visible Learning” and “Visible Thinking”, can we now focus more on the Thinking and Learning than on the Visible? I am thrilled that more and more educators are aware of the power […]

The 3 Stages of Documentation OF/FOR/AS Learning

Documentation OF/FOR/AS Learning has many objectives, goals, levels, and components. My work is concentrating on making pedagogical documentation visible and shareable to amplify teaching and learning. I believe that using technology, as a tool, to be able to share best practices, to make thinking and learning visible to ourselves and others, is the key to […]

Documentation OF/FOR/AS Learning

Documentation as a teacher, as a student, as learners can take on many different forms. In an effort to make my thinking and conversations with Andrea Hernandez, Silvana Meneghini, Chic Foote and Angela Stockman around the differences visible, I created the visuals below. [bctt tweet=”Documentation OF/FOR/AS Learning”] My PROCESS was/is/will be: Thinking > Conversation > […]

The What? Why? How? of Documenting4Learning

My work in formalizing Documenting4Learning is moving forward. In good old fashion, regarding practicing what one preaches, I am documenting my journey: Learning to Document FOR Learning and Sharing Copyright and Backchanneling in the Music Classroom Unpacking a Twitter Conference Feed Professional Development Model: Documenting4Learning Tools that Facilitate Documenting Documenting FOR Learning My exploration got […]

Documenting FOR Learning

I am a documenter, I have always been… maybe it is in my blood… …from keeping diaries from an early age on, being the family letter writer, to taking pictures to document our lives, vacations, family and friends… even when it was tedious… (taking 24 or 36 exposures at a time, then taking it to […]