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When a Blogger Writes a Book: Documenting Learning

So, I am finally starting a blog post the way so many other bloggers have started one (and that I frankly don’t like): “I have not written much on my blog lately…” Wait… wait… here comes the “excuse”… While it is true that I have not written much on the Langwitches blog lately, I have […]

Don’t Just Display: Make Documenting OF/FOR/AS Learning Visible

Donna Miller Fry in a post Where is the Beef? speaks directly to my own thinking when she asks: When we talk about “Visible Learning” and “Visible Thinking”, can we now focus more on the Thinking and Learning than on the Visible? I am thrilled that more and more educators are aware of the power […]

The 1-Day Blue Photo Challenge

Pedagogy is about the techniques, methods and strategies teachers use to facilitate learning for their students. Pedagogical Documentation is about documenting in order to do just that: facilitate learning for our students. Heutagogy is centered around self-motivated and self-directed learning. Heutagogical Documentation is about documentation in order to become more self-aware and to fuel our […]

Reading “Visible Learners” Through the Lens of Documentation

I am reading Visible Learners by Mara Krechevsky, Ben Mardell, Melissa Rivards and Daniel Wilson. In an effort to document my reading, I am choosing to tweet quotes that resonate with me through the lens of my work around documentation as/for learning. You can follow the curation of these tweets, as I am reading, in […]

A Conversation about Documenting FOR and AS Learning

There are different ways to hold a conversation. I am using several platforms/methods to hold a conversation with the faculty of the Shore, Church of England Grammar School from Sydney, Australia. Our topic is documenting FOR and AS learning. We are somewhat “flipping” my school site visit (scheduled for next June) and are using several […]

Documenting Through the Lens of Curation: Amplifying Information & Making It More Accessible

The #amplifiEDU Twitter chat from September 30th, was documented through the lens of a Twitter Newbie through a screencast of the chat- Becoming More Connected, commentated and individual components of the chat. On October 14th, the 3rd #ampliefiEDU Twitter Chat was held with the topic of Documenting FOR Learning. Amplifying learning sometimes means looking at […]

Looking For Learning: Making Connections For Your Teachers

This post if meant to be seen through the lens of Looking and Documenting FOR Learning from the perspective of administrators or staff in charge of supporting teachers’ professional development and ongoing learning. I worked with teachers and administrators this past week at the Bavarian International School in Munich, Germany. Rachel Jackson, teacher librarian (mostly […]

Learning to Document FOR Learning and Sharing

We are in the middle of a enormous change of the culture of teaching and learning. The teacher must see himself/herself as a learner, since he/she is on uncharted territory as well in our ever changing (digital) world. Key competencies and literacies, such as global, media, network, information literacy and digital citizenship amplify our traditional […]

Unpacking a Twitter Conference Feed

Twitter can be overwhelming, even for a seasoned Twitterer. We use tools, such as Tweetdeck, to help us organize the tweets coming in we use #hashtags to filter and connect our conversations we @mention, we RT, we DM, we #FF we participate in #edchats we give credit where credit is due we take notes we […]

Back Channelling in the classroom…

Edna Sackson, Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator from Mount Scopus Memorial College in Melbourne, Australia, documented a model lesson I was teaching at my recent visit to their school. Edna graciously agreed to allow me to cross post her documentation and reflection of that lesson below from her blog What Ed Said. Edna is an model […]