I am a list maker… to the extreme… I will even add items to the list after completion, in order to be able to get the satisfaction of checking it off. 😉 One of my strategies in life is to try to prioritize and do things that allows me to check off more than one […]

by Melissa Thompson, cross-posted from her blog. As I work on creating a Blogging Bingo Challenge for my students, I felt an inforgraphic explaining some of the tasks would be helpful for my students. I contacted Kelli Vogstad, whose blog post on Digital Portfolios has been a guiding light for me as I go through […]

During the Documentation Phase, you might capture different media. Images are an easy and fast way to capture visible and sometimes “not so visible” evidence of learning. As with other media, there are a few things to consider to: protect someone else’s privacy observe digital citizenship etiquette minimize post-documentation editing time and effort Here are […]

There are three phases for the documentation OF/FOR/AS Learning process that Janet Hale and I advocate for in our book A Guide to Documenting Learning. This blog post explores a little the “During Documentation” phase and ways to encourage “capturable” thinking in our students. The actual moment of documentation changes one’s perspective when one is […]

by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano Photography is one of my hobbies. Over the years, I have had different themes that I try to capture with my lens (ex. doors, faces in nature, trees, etc.) . I believe, when we set out to capture something specific, trying to be creative or giving a twist in the interpretations […]

Teachers and schools are dipping their toes into the world of Digital Portfolios. They are using platforms such as  edublogs, Blogger, SeeSaw, Bloomz or Google Sites, to document and archive student work. BUT….the simple act of having digital portfolios for your students doesn’t necessarily mean they are working. The learners need to own them and see benefits […]